200,000 Miles In My Car

Over the last 12 years there has been one vital thing in my filmmaking journey that has been with me from the beginning- my car. It has been with me through everything. Up… Continue reading

When Life Gives You Lemons

this is a re-post of an article I wrote for the Filmmaker Magazine website about 2 months ago. Call me crazy, but I have a feeling that I am sitting on a niche… Continue reading

A Long Strange Trip

Back in 2002 I accidentally discovered filmmaking during my sophomore year in college. Ever since then my life has been a long, strange trip. Before my life-changing encounter with filmmaking I was on… Continue reading

The Matrix Changed My Life

I remember it like it was yesterday. It was the spring of my senior year in high school. I was a naive, oblivious young kid. My eyes had not been opened to the… Continue reading

The Monk and The Riddle

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was a nice departure from plethora of self-help/author-is-a-knowitall books I’ve read about entrepreneurship. Rather than giving readers a system of success or rules to follow, Randy Komisar… Continue reading

Converting T4i Footage for Final Cut Pro

I made a false assumption before buying a T4i that I shouldn’t have. I assumed that getting the footage from the camera into a proper codec for Final Cut Pro would be no… Continue reading