My Story

Hi. I’m Ekim. I make motion pictures and magic. Guerrilla style.

Ever since my childhood I’ve wanted to be a wizard and filmmaking gives me the opportunity to fulfill this dream.

I accidentally discovered filmmaking my sophomore year in college [a decade and a half ago] when I randomly decided to videotape the drunken antics of my roommates on a Spring Break trip. Since I don’t get drunk I needed something to do while they drank themselves silly. It was the best decision I ever made.

I had the opportunity to sell my soul in Hollywood years ago in exchange for money and success, but I couldn’t give in to the temptation. After a year of living there, I decided LaLa Land wasn’t for me and came back to Ohio to do my own thing here far away from that cesspool of narcissists and sociopaths. It was the second best decision I ever made.

I love Ohio. It’s full of amazing people and places with wonderful stories to tell. I want to do my part to help tell these stories.